Custom rides

We want you to have the best experience in Lemnos.

We can organize trips down to the last detail, from daily rides to several-day, multi-sport trips, combining sea and mountain activities.

You’ll be riding hi-tech, full-suspension electric mountain bikes and hi-tech Takuma Efoils.

Want something out of the box?

Here are some further options for you.

  • Private, advanced mountain bike tours.

  • Customized tours for hotels and accommodation facilities.

  • Corporate and club tours.

  • Wine and taste tours.

  • Bike and Kite tours.

  • Surf and bike tours.

  • E-bikes and Efoils.

  • E-bikes and camp.

We can arrange the transport towards and from the starting point.

We offer you a modular product to suit your needs perfectly.

All you have to do is contact us!

Ask us about a custom ride

The Efoil Experience

​An experience like no other!

A new way to ride on water! Electric hydrofoil boards are the smallest type of personal watercraft. So live the experience of flying over water and the freedom to ride anywhere without emissions and noise. The Efoils use a lithium battery and wireless communication to create a surfing-flying experience, just like riding deep powder snow!

Almost anyone can learn, even those with no previous water sports experience! We can get you riding with safety and build your skills, as we’re offering a lesson/guided tour.

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