About T'n'F

Whowe are

We are a team of passionate, local riders. We have been adventuring around the island with our bikes for many years, covering every corner of the island. With the arrival of e-bikes, we are pleased to finally share all the treasures we have discovered and make them accessible to everyone. Biking is hands-down the most practical and fun way to explore this island, and we believe we can provide a truly unique and enjoyable experience. This is our passion project, and we look forward to showing you around!


Born in Greece.

The ''old school'' and the head of the company. A professional rider -on both tires and fins- with extensive experience.

His advanced knowledge of the landscape of Lemnos is exceptionally unique. He is the guy who will guide you through this diverse terrain and ensure you won’t miss all the things Lemnos has to offer while overseeing that everyone has an unforgettable experience!


Whatwe do

We are an electric mountain bike company based in Lemnos, specializing in e-bike guided tours. Our goal is to offer you a unique perspective of our beautiful island, packed with adventure and fun. We will explore the countryside, reach some cool hidden spots, and enjoy the island’s incredible scenery, culture, and food. Our top-of-the-line e-bikes will carry you through all types of terrain, hills, and deserts with ease, while our guides will ensure that you will enjoy your trip in safety and enjoy all the stunning views of the island. The tours are customizable and suitable for all levels and types of riders, including families. Our team and partners consist of certified guides with experience in creating safe cycling excursions and outdoor activities. In addition, we are certified mechanics, ready to provide support at any time during your ride.

Wherewe are

You will find us at Kalliopi, a small village on the east side of Lemnos, very close to the famous Keros beach.

Lemnos is a North Aegean Island renowned for its Greek summer vibes, breathtaking scenic views, warm local hospitality, and traditional cuisines that will rock your taste buds! In addition, the island boasts incredible terrain for action sports on land and unbelievable coastlines, ideal for water sports.