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Full suspension, premium carbon E-bikes (2021)

E-bikes have been a new addition to the world of cycling and mountain biking. E-bikes have made cycling more enjoyable for everyone. They allow you to ride steeper terrain, explore greater distances and reach more amazing spots. Advanced and intermediate riders can challenge their skills, riding over more technical terrain, and take full advantage of the uphill opportunities e-bikes offer. On the other hand, beginners who might be skeptical about off-road terrain, hill climbing, and long distances will discover a whole new world to explore. E-bikes are fun for both young and older riders, for those who feel fit and feel a little out of shape. Regardless of how you identify yourself, we have an e-bike ride suitable for you. Our fleet consists of premium, full suspension, enduro carbon bikes in different sizes (from small to XL) that can take you to a wholesome, memorable experience.



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